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Open-Mic Night [27.03.2006

[ mood | mellow ]

So, how'd everyone think open-mic night went?

I thought I actually did decent on "Riders on the Storm." Tori and Christy and Ashelee did awesome!!!

I had a good time. Think there will be another one???

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[ mood | hyper ]


I love coffee. Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!

It's a Grind's FIRST EVER OPEN MIC NIGHT is tomorrow night! I am so freaking excited.

Who totally suggested it first? *raises hand and jumps around giggling*

I love Kelly and Kelly and Katherine and John and Luke and Lauren!


I didn't just rediscover the joys of my espresso machine...*shifty eyes*

*runs off*


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Random [23.03.2006

*jots down good idea number one*

1. If I want to pick up chicks, tell them stories about a shark biting me and me getting away. IMPORTANT: Show them scars.

Listening to massive Dane Cook, very bored. Work in a bit. 5-7:15, come visit me! And buy a taco! Or a cheese KAY-SUH-DILL-E-UH. Or some cinnamon twists, whatever.

Open-mic night tomorrow, yay!
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Welcome! [23.03.2006

[ mood | bouncy ]

Welcome to the It's A Grind Fanclub!

This community is for anyone that loves the coffee, friends, relaxation, and staff that makes a coffeeshop an amazing place to hang out.

Leave a post, introduce yourself, and enjoy yourself!


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